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Right here at Cheese Cannabis Seeds you will find only the highest quality genetics! We are stocking many different types of cheese cannabis seeds with a huge array of different attributes such as high THC, high CBD, big yields, and fast flowering. Our cheesy genetics are sure to hit the spot every time! Either take a good read of our website or click ‘buy now’ below to order your very own bag of cheese cannabis seeds.

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Shop through us for the highest quality feminized cheese cannabis seeds online. Get your hybrid legendary strain discreetly through our website. This strain is perfect for those who love old-school Skunk with out-of-the-world taste!

We are currently offering 8 different types of cheese including both feminized and automatic versions. All of our cheese cannabis seeds come from expert breeders in Amsterdam. So you can relax in knowing that you will only receive the highest quality in terms of potency, stability and overall dankness!


We have accumulated many reviews naturally over several different online marijuana forums. Below is a small collection of positive things that forum members have said about our products.

Good review

Rock solid genetics, I’ve had 4 different types so far and will be back until I have collected them all! (My inner Ash Ketchum!)


Member of ‘RollitUp’

Perfect genetics IMO, can’t go wrong with any of their range. Classic cheesy scents with dense buds.


Member of ‘THCTalk’.

Different Genetics

About the Legendary Cheese Cannabis Seeds

A strain that lives up to its name, Cheese is a legendary cannabis plant named after its cheese-like, sour aroma. It is an indica-dominant hybrid with its origins rooted in the UK. The smell of this strain is so much like cheese that it cannot be called anything else. Cheese was an overnight success when it was first launched in the UK and started gaining popularity across the world due to its unique traits as well as for its cheesy aroma and taste. Its origins stretch back to the 1980s and it is believed to have descended from a Skunk #1 phenotype which was discovered and developed by a group of cannabis growers in London.

Ever since then, the Cheese Cannabis strain has gained a place in the hearts of enthusiasts around the world and won a Cannabis Cup. Breeders later undertook multiple breeding to finally produce something that was so aromatic that there was no better name for it than cheese. We are proud to present the Cheese Cannabis seeds to give you one of the most loved strains with amazing properties and effects!

Cheese cannabis strain is recommended for any enthusiast interested in trying new tastes, flavours and effects. You can buy the best quality cheese cannabis seeds from us. The strong and potent properties this marijuana is famous for makes them well worth collecting. We are an experienced seed bank known for offering high-quality products at affordable prices. Our cannabis seeds come from top-notch breeders who are popular across the world for their quality breeding. Ensure the best results by ordering your seeds here!

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